Test Advantage Software renamed Test Acuity Solutions

TEMPE, Arizona USA (September 17, 2012) -- Test Advantage Software announced today that it is changing its name to Test Acuity Solutions™ to better represent the value proposition of its software products. The company will begin to use the new name immediately, as well as the acronym TAS. There has been no change to the company’s ownership.

Acuity is defined as “the capacity of the eye to see fine detail, measured by determining the finest detail that can just be detected.” Test Acuity Solutions focuses on exposing device performance variability on a per die basis across the semiconductor back-end manufacturing processes, thereby leveraging electrical test, optical and physical measurement results in order to enhance product quality, maximize overall yield and optimize equipment utilization through the application of adaptive feed-forward methodologies as represented in the International Technology Roadmap for Semiconductors (ITRS).

Streetwise™, Test Acuity Solutions’ leading software product line, continues to expand its customer base and offer increasingly capable user enhancements, features, and functions. Test Acuity Solutions is currently rolling out its next major release featuring an enhanced Streetwise™ Engineering user interface. This new release focuses on providing superior user effectiveness in developing advanced parametric and spatial, multi-flow analysis strategies. A primary objective was to expand the direct access data transfer capabilities between the Streetwise™ Engineering environment and the Streetwise™ Production servers to a new level of capability. The new connectivity enables advanced flexibilities to the recipe development engineer for the real-time access to historical analysis data for optimizing new analysis strategies, as well as adding additional features and functions within the recipe management environment for production release and maintaining recipe revision control.

“The name Test Acuity Solutions better captures the capabilities our software solutions provide users in terms of being able to expose multi-dimensional product performance marginalities across multiple process intercepts and to proactively act upon it with the use of customer specified device classification rules in their production environment,” commented Fabrice Dechoux, CEO of Test Acuity Solutions.

About Test Acuity Solutions:

Test Acuity Solutions, Inc. (TAS) was incorporated as Test Advantage, Inc. in 1997 in Tempe, Arizona, USA where the company is headquartered. With production proven software solutions since 2002 and a tier-one customer base of IDMs, fabless companies and OSATs, Test Acuity Solutions has established itself not only as an industry pioneer but has emerged as a technology leader for back-end semiconductor manufacturing technologies necessary to achieve next generation cost and quality models. More information is available at

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