About Us  
     Test Acuity Solutions (TAS), previously Test Advantage Software, was incorporated in 1997 in Arizona as a privately owned and self-funded company. Test Acuity Solutions (TAS) OEM business was started in 2000 as a natural evolution of then Test Advantage Software test application service business. Since its first customer beta-site in 2002 and subsequent customer site-wide production deployment in 2004, Test Acuity Solutions (TAS) has been steadily gaining customers in diverse technology and product sectors across Asia, Europe and the U.S.

Test Acuity Solutions (TAS) tools are robust and production-proven, having continuously attended to constant streams of test data from thousands of testers over several years. The tools have also maintained a track record for timely innovation, leading the industry with the first in-line solutions for multi-flow process feed-forward statistical post-processing analysis introduced in 2005.

Customer types include:
  • Fabless producers of Automotive Grade ICs
  • World-class IDMs producing Automotive, Medical and Commercial Grade devices
  • Semiconductor Test Subcontractors

Device types include:

  • Advanced Analog and Mixed Signal (A/d)
  • Industrial Analog
  • High Performance Digital (D/a)
  • Memory

     Test Acuity Solutions (TAS) has worldwide sales and technical coverage with regional centers in:

  Singapore: service and support for Southeast Asian region

: service and support for European region

Japan: service by Test Acuity Solutions (TAS) Tiatech who assumes sales, service and support in Japan. To contact Tiatech please call Tel +83  03-5823-5323 or visit website at www.tiatech.com.

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