Product Lines Overview  

Production platform for device quality and cost of manufacturing reduction


     Streetwise™ has been deployed in production globally in a broad variety of semiconductor device manufacturing operations and fabless design centers since 2004, and has become the industry’s most advanced Statistical Post Processing analysis platform for maximizing device quality while at the same time providing proven multi-flow analysis methodologies for reducing device manufacturing costs.

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Platform for corporate-wide revision controlled test program & test environment quality


     Achievement of optimum test program and test environment quality has become more and more challenging. In addition to the need for seasoned test engineering resources, there is also an acute demand for a consistent and disciplined approach for the validation of the quality and the coverage of a test program. Express™ facilitates a pro-active corporate quality strategy leading to test engineering skills “leveling” and standardization under a revision controlled process. In addition, use of the Express™ technology assures optimal ATE test capacity utilization from a test program stand-point.

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