Platform for Corporate-wide Revision controlled Test Program & Test Environment Quality

     Achievement of optimum test program and test environment quality has become more challenging due to the ever-shortening product lifecycles and time-to-market (TTM) demands. In addition to the need for seasoned test engineering resources, there is also an acute demand for a consistent and disciplined approach for the validation of the quality and the coverage of a test program. While common reporting and data analysis tools may help, they are directive and therefore time consuming and highly skills reliant.

Express™ rules-based automated analysis facilitates a pro-active corporate quality strategy across products and various engineering departments, leading to test engineering skills “leveling” and standardization, all under a revision controlled process. In addition, use of the Express technology assures optimal ATE test capacity utilization from a test program stand-point.


     Express™ is an off-line test engineering centric assistant offering comprehensive analysis of large volumes of data to generate automated recommendations.

     Express™ contains a library of rule-based “out-of-the box” recipes that can be quickly modify or new ones originated (no scripting required) by the user within the easy-to-use GUI editor interface. Express™ performs the analysis based on the rule-based recipe selected and generates automated recommendations for:
  • Test corrective actions:
Multi-Site Offsets and Variations
Invalid test limits
Customer specific….
  • Test Efficiency:
Test sample candidates
Test removal candidates
Customer specific…
  • Test programs comparative analysis:
Test program to test program comparison

incorporates a comprehensive Comparative Analysis Engine that can be used to optimize test program platform conversions at Wafer Sort (EWS) and/or Final Test at any time during the life cycle of a product from engineering ramp-up to volume production. This capability dramatically simplifies and eliminates the high cost barriers of transferring products onto more cost effective test platforms and also supports strategies using dual test platform for the same product.
Express™ analysis attributes:

• Accounts for process variations, shifts and trends
• Tolerant of parametric anomalies (outliers)
User-definable through the use of "Rules" based analysis
Non-intrusive - no changes required to test program or platform, no test time or impact
Tester independent - utilizes industry standard STDF/ATDF data format
• Allows use of historic results to incrementally converge to accurate recommendations
• Allows performance of exhaustive and tailored analysis which is controlled and can be easily verified by the test engineer
• Offers ease of use with
Rules Based Recipes
• Enables
objective and repeatable data analysis
• Offers data analysis with
interactive display charts: Scatter plot, trend plot, box plot, histogram, wafer map
• Allows access to any
statistics results in raw and pure data: Min, Max, Median, Mean, Lower, Quartile, Upper Quartile, Maximum, Standard Deviation, Cpk.

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